• Toy Soldiers

    August 2023

    Through an eclectic mix of genres combining art pop, ambient, jazz and classical, this album touches on themes such as parenthood, mortality, and our formative years. Featuring collaborations with Bastien Keb, Lucie Treacher, and Carl Raven.

    Artwork for Toy Soldiers
  • AS SEEN ON TV Vol.1

    December 2022

    A selection of works used in TV commercials from 2012-2022, featuring jeter from the Nike RE2PECT advert, celebrating the career of legendary baseball player Derek Jeter. The track strato was popularised as the soundtrack to the Project Rock and Under Armour campaign Build the Belief.

    Artwork for AS SEEN ON TV Vol.1
  • Heartland

    October 2018

    Inspired by travels in Japan and Cambodia, Heartland is an immersive experience, deriving from a hybrid of mangled and time-stretched found sounds, synthesisers, live strings and piano.

    Artwork for Heartland
  • In Limbo

    April 2018

    This debut solo album was an opportunity to explore new musical territories and put ideas out into the ether. With influences from Krautrock and Berlin-era Bowie, In Limbo offers a blend of space guitars, insistent violins, tribal percussion and retro synthesizers. Floating in Space vocals by Oisin Zandee, Lost at Sea guitars by Oscar Guinn and album artwork by long-time collaborator and celebrated director Taylor Twist. The track Black & Blue was used on a Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial.

    Artwork for In Limbo
  • Take Five

    February 2017

    Huckvale's third library music record is a joyful indie pop album with uplifting melodies and hooks, brimming with jazz trumpets. Featuring vocals by Hannah Woof.

    Artwork for Take Five
  • Kiss And Make Up

    February 2015

    This library album has an electronic approach with pop hooks led by synth melodies. The track Stay Right Here was used in the finale of the sitcom Cuckoo, whilst Don't Wait Up from This Ordinary Life was used as the opening track, thus bookending the first series. Runaway appeared on the cult soundtrack for the videogame Farming Simulator 19.

    Artwork for Kiss And Make Up
  • This Ordinary Life

    February 2014

    Huckvale's debut library music album focused on creating uplifting vocal hooks, with an upbeat, organic indie-folk backing. Disclaimer: some of the lyrics on this album are gibberish. On My Side appeared on the soundtrack of video game Life Is Strange. Title-track This Ordinary Life was used on the film trailers for Hector And The Search For Happiness and The Longest Week.

    Artwork for This Ordinary Life