Andy Huckvale


Andy Huckvale is an award-winning media composer, best known for his compositions on TV commercials. Andy has composed music for world-renowned brands including Apple, Google, Nike, Adidas, BMW, Converse, Facebook, and more. A selection of his TV ad work to date was digitally released on AS SEEN ON TV, Vol. 1

Notably, Andy composed the original score jeter for the Cannes Lions Award-winning ad, Nike Jordan “RE2PECT”, which celebrated Derek Jeter’s career. More recently, he has collaborated with ad agency BSSP on a series of commercials for ESPN, one of which won a Clio Gold Award for music.

Andy writes and produces music under the artist name Huckvale. He experiments with many genres from pop and rock to ambient, classical and electronic music.

Music Composition

"I began my journey as a musician, picking up the bass guitar at the age of 12, trying to emulate rock heroes of that time: Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden et al. I then became fascinated with electronic music and started writing my own tunes with a little 'groovebox' called a Roland MC-303. I came full circle after remixing a local rock band and joined them as keyboardist and drum programmer. The group became Apartment 26 and after two record deals and a lot of touring around the US, we disbanded in 2004.

Back down to Earth, I started working part-time at Blockbuster Video (remember them?!) and formed "Hitchcock", an electronic duo with Matt Terry on vocals. Towards the end of my tenure with Hitchcock, after fine-tuning my production skills, I began pitching music on TV commercials. This seemed like a dark art to me, but through a lot of trial and error, I gained some momentum, started collaborating with filmmakers and editors and was able to make music for a living again.

I did miss making records, so wrote a few library albums for Audio Network. This was a great challenge, making songs with the sole purpose of becoming 'earworms'.

Yet, I found myself still writing to someone else's brief and wanted to counterbalance that with these ideas I had running through my head that could never work in the short form of a TV ad or the commerciality of a library track. This led me down a path of musical experimentation on my solo albums, where I've collaborated with lots of wonderful musicians to try and create something unique, whilst focusing on enjoying the process, rather than just the end result."

Let's work together

If you're in need of music composition that resonates with your project's vision, feel free to reach out to me. I'm always eager to collaborate and bring your ideas to life. Let's create something unique together.